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Women Invisible Bra - Jully Shop
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Women Invisible Bra - Jully Shop

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Women Invisible Bra

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1. Wear method: Please scrub the breasts and underarms before wearing, remove the Impurities and dander, otherwise you can not display the biggest stick of this bra (otherwise, it is not the problem of the bra itself, it will also shorten the life of the bra).

2.After wearing, please wash with water in time (this bra is made of high-grade bio-adhesive, can be used many times), put it in a cool place to dry, prevent exposure to the sun, and apply a protective film after drying.


1.FABRIC MATERIAL: Polyester, silicone, hypoallergenic adhesive, comfortable, perfect fit for your breasts, strapless and open back design, make breasts more free.

2.PUSH UP Design: Strapless push-up design, ideal for creating a deep V shape bust line to prevent sagging breasts. The ultra-light weight does not make you feel uncomfortable.

3.PERFECT ADHESIVE: The strapless bra is made of medical grade adhesive, extremely viscous, skin friendly, does not need to be pushed up or worried that it will fall off, is very comfortable and does not cause skin irritation.

4. SUITABLE FOR ANY OCCASION: Stay away from squats while wearing a swimsuit or other suit. The perfect choice for swimwear, open back, strapless halter dress, evening dress, low neck dress.


1. Material: Polyester+silicone

2. Sizes: S: 9*9cm, M:11*11cm,L:13*13cm

3. Color: Beige, black

Washing instructions:

1. Place a bra cup in the palm of your hand, moisten the surface of the adhesive with water and add a small amount of mild soap. Gently use the palm of the other hand to create a circular motion to clean.

2.Rinse the bra cup with warm water to remove any soap residue

3. Remove all excess water and air dry

Size Chart:

S=S/M----9cm(suit forA/B cup)
L=L/XL----11cm(suit for C/D cup)
XXL=xxl/xxxl----13cm(suit for E/F cup)
Package Included:
1 pair of Breast Pads
Packaged:paper box